Truffle Pigs Bistro

Real food. Real People.
Real time.

Take a Toronto ex-pat and a northern Ontario gal, one a former anthropologist and the other a gourmet coffee pioneer. Mix with uncanny palate-pleasing propensity, hand-made pastries, and a knack for presentation. Crack a beer or pop a bottle. Add two drops of passion and a dash of dedicated staff. Surround with a quirky small-town cast at a Rocky Mountain lodge in Yoho National Park. Shake vigorously. Take a swing at the gong.

Welcome to Truffle Pigs.

Sean, Jen, and Everett

Sean Cunningham

Owner, Head Chef

Jen Coffman

Owner, Desserts & Beverage

Everett Cooper

Head Chef

Pig Hooves

Winter 2013/14 Hours

We accept winter reservations. Please call front desk at 250 343 6303 to book your dinner party.

Dinner Bistro

5pm - 9pm every day


Open Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon 11-3. Closed Tue, Wed, Thurs.


5pm - 11pm every day


In room breakfast available for lodge guests only.