Truffle Pigs Bistro

We've come a long way

Pig Hooves

Well, at least across the street…

Truffle Pigs Bistro & Lodge started out as Truffle Pigs Café, located just across the street in the former Canadian Pacific Railway ‘Siding’. Back then, Truffle Pigs operated as the local general store, liquor agency, gift shop and of course a highly spirited bistro!

As piggies do grow, we needed a bigger pen and in 2008 Truffle Pigs purchased Field’s beloved Kicking Horse Lodge. Today we are Truffle Pigs Bistro & Lodge, but we never forget where we started and upon whose previous accomplishments we’ve built.

We are a little crazy. We work very hard and care a lot about what we do. We love challenging our own limits. We hope you will come visit us and let us present you impassioned food with warm mountain hospitality.

Welcome to Truffle Pigs

Open Daily... although we don't take reservations over the summer months we'd still very much love to see you. Reservations accepted over the winter months. Hours

Dinner Bistro

Served from 5pm to 9pm


Served from 11am - 4pm. Some items served until 5pm


11am - 11pm. No food service after 9pm


We are open at 8am for a full hot breakfast and a big morning smile.