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Frequently Asked Questions

We can’t anticipate every question you may have, but there are some that come up from time to time. We do our best to answer them here.


  • Can I make a reservation for the Bistro? What about online?

    It depends on the time of year. During the winter season (October-May) we would be happy to have a table ready for you. Please give us a call or send us an email to reserve. During the summer season (June-September), we still hope you will join us, however we operate on a first come first serve basis. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate groups over 8 persons. Please contact us to discuss options for larger groups. Our busiest times are between 7pm and 8:30pm. Early diners and smaller parties are easier to seat without a wait. Presently we do not have an online option to preselect or book seating in the Bistro.

  • Do I still need a park pass if I come to the Truffle Pigs?

    All visitors to the National Parks are required to have a National Park Pass. Parks Passes may be purchased at entrances to the Parks, select kiosks and online. Visit this link to learn more about purchasing parks passes.

  • Is Truffle Pigs open in the winter?

    YES! We are committed to being open year-round. In the fall and in the spring we typically close for a few days for maintenance. Please visit our website or give us a call for our hours of operation, as changes to our schedule occasionally happen.

  • Do you prepare lunch kits for hikers?

    Absolutely, and you don't even have to be a hiker. We would be happy to get a lunch ready for so you don't run out of steam on your daily adventure. We will provide you the details and options when you check in.

  • Do you offer Vegetarian and/or Gluten Free options.

    People who choose not to eat meat or have other dietary concerns should enjoy great food too. We have select vegetarian and gluten free options on our menus. Please contact us if you have specific dietary concerns.


  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Upon booking, you will be charged a non refundable $50 deposit fee. We understand that plans do change and sometimes that means you will need to cancel. Please keep in mind that the $50 paid will not be refunded. This helps covers administration costs as well as credit card fees that are involved in every transaction. We would of course prefer that you not need to cancel at all, and that we get a chance to have you as our guest. Cancelling a reservation three days prior to arrival will result in a charge on one night stay.

  • Do you have A/C units in the rooms?

    We do not. All of our rooms have screened windows that open to the fresh mountain air. We experience very few truly hot days in this part of the Rockies, and even the warmest days cool off nicely by night time.

  • What about the trains?

    Field exists because of the Railway and owes its history to it. Many train aficionados visit Field to observe them traverse the renowned Spiral Tunnels. While Field exists now largely in the service of those seeking to enjoy the vast expanse of the mountain National Parks, it remains a main transfer point for the Canadian Pacific Railway. As such, there have been a few guests disturbed by occasional increased activity from the trains at night. Most people find them to be part of the charm of Field, but we do offer complimentary earplugs for those who are sensitive. For guests who require dead silence during their stay, we recommend exploring alternative accommodation in the area that is further removed from the railway.

  • Can I bring my pet?

    We offer select rooms that are pet friendly for an additional fee. We ask that if you do bring your furry friend along that you abide by responsible pet owner etiquette in respect of the other guests.

  • Do you use heavy scented laundry soaps and cleaners?

    No we do not. All of our laundry is laundered with unscented soaps and the cleaners we use are very low oder. We never spray the rooms with deodorizers or perfumes.

  • What size are the beds?

    All the beds are queen sized and fitted with a comfy plush mattress cover.

  • What forms of payment do we accept?

    We accept, Visa, M/C, AMEX. You can pay with cash and debit but you will be required to have credit card that will be store for security purposes.

Field & Area

  • What time is it in Field?

    We are on MST. Even though we are in British Columbia, the time does not change until just east of Revelstoke. But it’s Field. We aren’t that fussy about time.

  • How are the roads in winter?

    Field is located along the Trans-Canada highway and is for the most part well maintained. We can experience extreme weather conditions at anytime of year however and road closures do occasionally happen. Since the Trans-Canada highway is a main thoroughfare, work crews are quick to respond to keep it open and safe. The road to Emerald Lake Lodge is open year round and is a beautiful spot to visit. Highway 93 to Jasper is a secondary highway and experiences routine closures in the winter and sometimes throughout the year. You can check road conditions at for British Columbia and for Alberta.

  • What services are offered in Field?

    We are a cozy town with limited services depending on your needs and the time of year. In addition to everything Truffle Pigs has to offer, here is a list of some of the other options. There is a Canada Post post office, open year round, Mon.-Fri. 9:30am -1:30pm. The world famous and very unique Velvet Antler pottery shop, which abides by artistic & creative hours of operation. Generally open every day in the summer and most days in the winter. There is a gas station at the entrance to town with a minimal convenience store. It is open year round but hours are seasonal and vary. There is a visitor centre jointly run by Park’s Canada and Travel Alberta. Open during summer season only. Across the street is the Siding Café and local liquor store. Her you can find beer, wine and alcohol, sandwiches, light meals and gifts. Hours are seasonal and vary. If you venture to Emerald Lake (recommended) 15 km from Field, Emerald Lake Sports on the shore offers canoe rentals in the summer and x-country ski rentals in the winter as well as a cozy gift shop. Emerald Lake Lodge rents cabins and offers dining year round, with seasonal hours and services. Cathedral Mountain Lodge, about 5.5 km form Field offers upscale dining and accommodation and is open during the summer season only. Field has the best drinking water that ever came out of a tap. Glacier fed and clean.

  • What services should I plan to be without?

    Groceries are generally limited to convenience items. There is a supermarket in Lake Louise (27 km east of Field) and many more shopping and grocery options in Golden (58 km west of Field) There is no bank. Bank services are offered in Golden, Lake Louise, (Alberta Treasury Branch only) and in Banff and Canmore. We don’t have late night pizza delivery, sorry. Field does have a local ambulance service and fire department, but if you require a doctor, there is a small clinic in Lake Louise. If you require a hospital or pharmacy, Golden or Banff are your closest options.

  • I'm stuck behind a train! I'm tired, hungry and want to get to Truffle Pigs.

    Sometimes, there is a train. Occasionally a train needs to switch conductors and this will block the crossing into town for a few minutes. Hang out and enjoy the scenery, the trains don’t stay stopped for long.

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